Khulood Al Mu’alla

01st May

Khulood Al Mu’alla, is a poet from UAE;  was born in Umm Al Quwain and grew up in Ras Al Khaimah. She gained her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from UAE University, later obtaining her Master’s degree in Project Management from Reading University and a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language from Beirut University. She currently works in Abu Dhabi for a well-known educational institution.

She published 7 poetry books, her first poetry book “Here, I lost the time” was published in 1997. In 1999, she published her second poetry book “You, Alone”; and the third one “Ha’** of the absent” in 2003 (** Ha’ is equivalent to third person pronoun in English), and five year later she published the fourth one “Perhaps here” in 2008, followed by “Never Quenched” which is a selection of poems . In January, 2013 her fifths book “ I hold the edge of the light” was published.  

UAE poet Khulood Al Mu’alla's poetic works has established her prominent presence in the Gulf and Arab poetic scene since more than a decade ago. Her literary interests in social life won her the Buland Al Haidari Award for young Arab poets at the 30th Aseela International Festival held in Morocco in mid-August 2008.

She has participated in many Arab cultural events and International cultural festivals. She has also published some of her work in many Arab newspapers and magazines. Three poetry books that contain selection of poems from her five poetry books had been published in Spanish by Costa Rica House of poetry and University of Costa Rica. The first two books were translated by Amr Mohamed Sayed and published in 2010 and 2012. Her third book in Spanish was translated by Dr Abeer Abdulhafedh and published in 2014. Khulood had also two poetry books were published in Turkish the first one was published in 2011 and her second book in Turkish was translated by Dr Mehmet Hakki and published in June 2014 . Khulood had many poems which were also translated to English, Italian, French and German as part of her participation indifferent international poetry events. 

About Khulood's Poetry: 

Yousif Abu Luz, Al-Khalij Newspaper, U.A.E.,  Nov 5th, 2003 wrote:

The scientific specialty of this poet and her scientific mentality, as it appears, from here study, have their influence on the style. When poetry and science combine together, the reader finds himself in front of severely summarized and intensified texts: hint like and perhaps, equations compressed in few words which called by some critics; language providence. In going through the collection, perhaps with the help of the title, we inter the climate of this young poet who has chosen to write prose in few words and much pain. The poet as a subject is entirely absent, despite the use of the first person, in the texts. She disappears and hides behind them. As for the person addressed by the poet, he is also an absent hero and does not attend. The "Ha" is a symbol of a mysterious person. His features are disappeared in the poetry. 

Sabah Zwen in An-Nahar Newspaper, Beirut, Lebanon, Feb 9th, 2002 wrote:

“Khulood is a delicate, sensitive and rebellious poet. Her poem founded on a desire to challenge the world through Sufism in which she discovers transparently herself and the other. She is an entity bursts with poetic images, hallucinating of the infinite ecstasy, as no room for any one other than her to express the accumulations of passion for life.”

Madhat Allam, Ar-Ra'y al-'Am Newspaper, Kuwait,  July 11th, 2002 wrote:

“Her poems are distinguished by the artful lingual intensity and Interaction vision with out flowing humanitarian feelings, beside their deep sensational penetration of aspects relevant to the sentiment in its purest illustrations. There is a relationship aught to be taking into consideration in reading the collection. That is the emotional communication used by Al-Mu'alla in her poems, coupled with an intellectual look at life; reality and man.” 

Dr. Isma'il mrowah, Al-Khalij Newspaper, U.A.E, Feb 19th,  2001 wrote:

As a poetic voice, Khulood in her poetic language refutes two things: The first is the unequal relationship between man and woman, where she creates through her voice a kind of harmony between them in profound intimacy and consolidates healthy relationship. The second is the masculinity of poetry. Some critics, not in the Arab world only, believe in the masculinity of poetry and regard male poets more capable of writing poetry than the females. Khulood Al-Mu'alla's voice has come as strong as masculine voice in spite of its fertile feminine source. She consolidates the emotional poetic obsession inside an eastern woman, reveals what she goes through without giving attention to any barrier. Poetic obsession contains life, because it is deeper and steadier than anything else. The poet has deliberately chosen the title, organizing poems of the collection on two main themes; loss and time. Texts of the collection dealt with those themes through lapses of time; once the poet holds the cuticle of the loose time, she feels the loss. Because what she holds is not more than an escaped moment, a dream, incomplete birth, imperfect painting and so on.

Shahira Ahmed, Al-Ittihad Newspaper, U.A.E., Nov 1st, 1999 wrote:

Desertion, presence, absence, remoteness, the dream and the truth, all are themes occur a lot in Khulood's poetry. In her texts she appears to be close to Sufism. She seems as if melts away in the other, starts and ends his being, the way she desires, disappears in or from him. She leaves the soul on the edges of the poem. "Only You" touches the spirit, takes it high to beautiful horizons and leaves it in harmony with itself and more capable of discovering the hidden

meanings of the text and life. It is poetry celebrates the soul and life.

Poetic Issues

Gülün gölgesi yok

Selection of Poems translated into Turkish, Kirmizi 2014

I hold the edge of light

Dar Fadha'at, Jordan, 2013

Un cielo que merece la lluvia

Selection of Poems, translated into Spanish, UCA & House of Poetry Costa Rica,  2012

Never Quenched

Selection of Poems, Cultural Dubai Magazine, 2011

Acik Aci

Selection of Poems translated into Turkish, Art Shop, 2011

Sin Saciareme

Selection of Poems translated into Spanish, UCA & House of Poetry Costa Rica, 2010

Perhaps Here

Al Farabi, Beirut, 2008

Ha' of the Absent

Al Farabi, Beirut, 2003

YOU, Alone

22 poems, Al-Dar Al- Masre’yya Al- Lubnane’yya, Cairo, 1999

Here, I Lost The Time

26 poems, special edition, Cairo, 1997

Selection of Poems:

Selction of poems in French Translated by Mohammed Miloud Garraifi

Selction of poems in Turkish Selection of poems Translated by Mehmet Hakkı Suçin

Selction of poems in Spanish Traducida por Dr.Amr Mohamed Said
Revisada Por Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abulata Abdel Rauf

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Thanks for Al Mutanabbi International Festival 2006

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Selction of poems in English Written and translated by Khulood Al Mualla