30th May

Al Mazrouei spent the first half of his life in Egypt before moving to Abu Dhabi where he worked for the Cultural Foundation for many years. This duality informs his creative process whereby he often incorporates elements of both cultures in his artwork, leading to an autobiographical experience. Mohamed has held four solo exhibitions in the UAE and has taken part in many group exhibitions over the years both locally and abroad. He is an accomplished writer and poet with nine publications to date, some of them translated into German, English and Spanish. He has also won two first prizes for his photography. Mohamed Al Mazrouei’s artwork manifests a conceptual depth inviting the viewer to get lost inside the artist’s head. The human face and figure are often his preferred subjects to paint. However with a rich, non-linear training, Mazrouei’s approach to the abstract incorporates black and white in absolute purity. Like letters or musical notes, lines and colours fuse together to create a composition that strives for a sense of equilibrium. His delineation of a particular object challenges traditional shapes, begging the eye to decipher elements of his compositions.


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