Farid Al Rais

13th Sep

 Art for Farid is a Semitic message to all people in the community in various segments and their orientation. Art is a language that can harangue people anywhere in the world despite the different languages and cultures. One of Farid’s goals is to highlight the aesthetics of his country to the world and to the future generations in the UAE and the preservation of the honorable image of its art. Farid is trying to focus on the realistic topics and serious art that a lot of artists stayed away from it due to its difficulty. In his view, the hard work and real art will only remain and root in people’s mind such as the paintings in art museums for the top artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Monet and other famous artists.

Since Farid was young and before joining the school, his father noticed that Farid was trying to draw the things that he sees. Then, his father showed him the famous artist’s paintings and asked him to imitate drawing these paintings.

When Farid joined the school he wished that only one of his paintings attach on school’s wall.

The first achievement for him was the suspension of all his paintings on the wall of the school.

At this stage Farid’s obsession for drawing increased. He asked the art teacher to allow him to be in the art studio at the school during the weekends to practice his hobby.

Farid involved in all the drawing competitions in the school. Most of the time, He was the youngest participant and winner. In 1998, Farid achieved the first rank on the Dubai Educational Zone and the second at the level of the United Arab Emirates. Before Undergraduate he suddenly stopped the practice of drawing for five years and that was for special reasons.

In 2006, Farid returned again to drawing and he took two years to regain his ability to deal with colors.

Since that time, he took upon himself to deliver an honorable and an upscale Emirates art through research and a serious personal experience away from the easiness. Farid is a self-educated artist relied on practicing and persevering. He believes that when the talent exists, experiences and seriousness in practice is the only thing that the talented needs to develop his/her art and tools.

Since his practice of painting he deals with watercolors although he dealt with other colors but he found himself in watercolors despite of its difficulty. His paintings are varied among realism topics which focus on highlighting the beauty of his country. He has his own style paintings which combine between the heritage and the present. Also he has paintings that simulate topics related to issues which concern the community and the Arab world by using hand element. Farid sees that hand is the best element and the most sincere in the human body and through hands he can deliver what he wants to the viewer. Farid participated in many group exhibitions. His first solo exhibition in 2014 was entitled “Their dreams are our present” which coincided with the issuance of his first book that has the same title of the exhibition.