Wafaa Khazendar

03rd Oct

UAE national with palestinian origins.

Works at Dubai Ministry of Education. 

•Bachelor of Fine Arts - The American University in the United Arab Emirates Member of the Federation of the Emirates Writers.

• Member of the U.A.E Association for Illustrative Art. Member of the Emirati Female Writes’ league. Member of Dubai International Art Center .

Personal exhibitions: 

• 2000: (Flow Gallery) Dubai

• 2003: Dubai Media City

• 2004: (Hall of Emirates Plastic Arts Association) Sharjah.

• 2004: (Arab Cultural Club) – Al Jadar Exhibition – Sharjah.

• 2005: (Dubai International Arts Center)

• 2005: (Sharjah Arts Open Gallery).

• 2007:( Coral Boutique – Al Barsha) Dubai.

Collective Participations:

• 1998: Rashed Creativity Exhibition, Dubai

• 1999: Exhibition in French Institute.

• 2000: Arab Eyes Exhibition, Sharjah Arts museum.

• 2003: Woman & Arts Exhibition – Global Vision – (Girls Clubs), Sharjah.

• 2002 – 2004 – 2005 – 2006: Creativity Exhibitions, arranged by Handicapped Caretakers Association, Sharjah. 

• 1997 – 1999 – 2001: Sessions of International Arts Sharjah Biennially.

• 2004: International Exhibition of Arts and Environmental Works, in Dubai International Trading Center. 

• 2004: Plastic Exhibition accompanying to efficacies of (Emirates Cultural Festival) Dubai Trading Center. 

• 2005: Third International Arts Tehran Binally. 

• 2005 – 2006: Award of Plastic Arts Plaza of Cooperation Council Countries, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

• 2006: An Exhibition in cooperation with Child Care Rashed Center- Dubai 

• 2006. Artists of the world exhibition, part of the 3rd annual festival of poetry and art, espace le scribe ( l'harmattan, )paris, france. 

• 2006: Art Exhibitions (Sultan Bin Al Owais Cultural Foundation).

• 2010: : Art Exhibitions ( Women in Art).Dubai. 

• 2011:Biennale de la Culture et des Arts – Egypt.

• (Portrait) Exhibitions, Sharjah Arts Museum.

• General Annual Exhibitions of the U.A.E Association for Illustrative Art, Dubai International Arts Center. 

Poetic Soiree: 

• I participated in soirees of Emirates Writers & Authors Union, Arab Cultural Club in Sharjah and Cultural Assembly in Abu Dhabi. 

• I participated in a soiree among efficacies of Gulf Student Poetry Festival in its second session.

• I participated in soirees o f (Abdul Rahman Kanoo) Bahrain. 

• 2005 – 2006: Member in Arbitration Committee of Emirates International Competition of Students Creativity, arranged by Dubai Ministry of Education.

• 2004: Member in Arbitration Committee of Art Competition arranged by Delinquent Juvenile Edification and Care Association. 

• 2005: Member in Arbitration Committee of (IKAF) international competition that is arranged by Children & Girls Centers in Sharjah.

• 2006: Member in Arbitration Committee of (Go Green) of Art Competition arranged by Coral International.

• 1999: Appreciation Award (Portrait Exhibition), Sharjah Art Museum.

• 1999: Second Place (Winter Exhibition – Dubai International Arts Center). 

• 2003: Second Place in Poetry (Award of Emirates Woman Creativities in Literature and Arts) Sharjah Girls Clubs.

• 2003: Appreciation Award (Ghanem Ghobash Short Story Competition) Emirates Writers & Authors Union. 

• 2004: Second Place in Short Story (Rashed Bin Hamid award of Culture and Sciences).

• 2011: Second Place in Poetry (Award of Emirates Woman Creativities in Literature and Arts) Sharjah.

• Emirates & Arab newspapers and magazines spread many poetic texts, stories and essays for her.


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