Anasy Media

18th Oct

Since 2007 Anasy has produced numerous documentaries, on subjects ranging fromhistory to culture and present day issues. Most prominent of which is the firstfilm to document the 150,000 year old history of the UAE and the first 3D filmin the region.

Asan independent production company, partnering up with other institutions playsa significant role in the success of the many events organized by Anasy.

Eventslike, two internationally acclaimed seasons of Anasy Documentary Awards and theAbu Dhabi Documentary club.
Whether through productions or events and exhibitions, the aim isconsistent; to be on the forefront of all what is new and innovative inmedia and culture.  

Sheikha Alyazia bint Nahyan Al Nahyan opened AnasyMedia Production with aim of contributing in the development of the culturalartistic creative movement in the U.A.E. It is the first of its type in thecountry, working in documentaries and seeking to encourage young people to beengaged in this creative work by organizing events, competitions andexhibitions.

Our Achievements:

Since 2007 till date, Anasy carried out manysuccessful projects, of which the most important are:

Produced a documentary “Serat Al Ehsan” on the Biography of charityaccomplishments & white hands of Sheikha Fatima bintMubarak, the mother of the UAE, may Allah protect her.Produced “Home of History, Future’s Nation”,the first documentary introducing and presenting the history and monuments ofthe United Arab Emirates, providing new discoveries that changes the vision ofarchaeology towards the region, and puts Emirates at the top of the regionalstates in excavation, exploration and antiquities.Organized the Chinese Islamic Calligraphy Exhibition at Abu Dhabi CulturalFoundation.Organized lectures on the Islamic architecture at AbuDhabi Cultural Foundation.Organized & conducted the competition of "AnasyDocumentary Awards" in 2008, which is the first of its kind all over theworld with the aim of supporting and stimulating talented and creative youngpeople in the documentary industry.Provided all means, facilities, transportation andtechnical equipments for the female students in Zayed University to producedocumentaries such as Zayed Hidden Treasures.Purchasing and distributing documentaries that havenever been distributed before, one of the most important is “Common Ground”.Anasy was honored in the Nights of Cinema in Napel,Tunisia, 25 – 30 July 2008.Produced a documentary “Zayed, the Pride of Emirates”in November 2009.Organized a national campaign about the archaeology ofUAE under the name “Home of History, Future’s Nation” by conductinglectures in all Emirates & distributing the film with the same title in allnational organizations, schools & embassies.Organized the 2nd session of “AnasyDocumentary Awards” on 26th of April 2010.Organized workshop for documentary meanings,challenges and opportunities with Mr. Taufiq Founi; former General Manager ofAl Jazeera Documentary channel.Organized and conducted for the first time in theMiddle East in collaboration with expert trainers from 3D Camera Company &Dimension 3 Company, a workshop & lecture in 3D Stereoscopy in June 2010.Organized 3D workshop and lecture in cooperation ofDubai Press Club for the first time in Middle East in Khalidiya Cinema, AbuDhabi.Organized the first & the largest Art Exhibitionof portraits of the Historic & Contemporary UAE Leaders titled “Faces ofleadership” which contains 85 portraits that was held on 18thof October 2010. Produced the 1st 3D film “DesertSuperstars” in the Middle East in cooperation with our partners 3D CameraCompany & Dimension 3 Company from Canada.Participated in “UNAFF TFF” festival in San Francisco,USA.Organized two seasons of Abu Dhabi Documentary Club incollaboration of Ministry of Culture and Zayed University.Our 3D film, “Desert Superstars” screened in Berlin,Korean, Tunisia and Muscat film festivals.Partnered with Image Nation, Abu Dhabi for AFScompetition in 2014.Sponsored UK artist “Ben Eine” for mural painting onBritish Embassy wall, Abu Dhabi.Produced a flash mob for students to encourage themfor exams and studies.Produced documentary film “The Tainted Veil” thatshoot in 9 countries. Whether a veil of the soul, the mind or the body; thelayers of the veil in history and the many meanings behind it will be revealed.